The Robertshaw® RS2000 thermostat family is Simply The Right Choice™ when it comes to economy non-programmable temperature control.

With the comfort, convenience, and efficiency features that homeowners and contractors want, the RS2000 family provides value-packed thermostats for an economical price.

  • New improved display makes it easy to read any time of the day.
  • A fully adjustable temperature differential provides increased comfort control.
  • The front load battery door makes it simple to replace the batteries.

All RS2000 thermostats are fully compatible with all standard 24V AC heating and cooling systems. Additional compatibility with multi-stage and heat pump systems are available in the RS2210 model.

Add in easy installation, expert technical service, and quality you can depend on, and the Robertshaw RS2000 thermostat family is Simply The Right Choice. 

Model HVAC Equipment Type Voltage Battery Prog Events/Day Control Humidity Stages Remote Sensors
RS2110 Gas, Electric, Oil, Heat Pump, Millivolt Electronic Low Optional n/a n/a Heat, Fan, Cool, Off n/a Heat: 1
Cool: 1
RS2210 Gas, Electric, Oil, Heat Pump Electronic Low Optional 5-2 Day 4 Heat, Fan, Cool, Off n/a Heat: 2
Cool: 2